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Discover How to Take Back Your Time as a 1-on-1 Coach, Consultant or Agency Owner So You Can Stop Trading Time for Money by Creating Your Own High-Ticket Mastermind

Warning: This time-sensitive training can help you escape the 1-on-1 Client trap that takes more of your time and prevents you from scaling.

In this Training You Will Discover:

The Mindset: It’s No Secret 1-on-1 client services are one the hardest business models to scale on the planet. What if you could get the mindset on how to Scale in the Next 8 Weeks by starting your very own High-Ticket Mastermind?

The Strategy: Where I find Mastermind Clients, what I say to them, and How I enroll them without spending a dime on ads so you can have a clear strategy to successfully launch your own mastermind

The Process: Get Access to the 8-Step Process I’ve been sharing with my Community of over 1,000 Coaches, Consultants, and Agency Owners on How to Create and Launch a Successful Mastermind: I’ll be actually training you on Exactly how this works and provide Real Case Studies of other Consultant and Agency Owners who Have made the Pivot and How You Can Too!

How to Leverage Your Time: Imagine having clients pay you to Work on their Business NOT in their Business. I’ll show you exactly how to do this.

Note: If you want to be free from Spending Hours upon Hours Working with Clients that Want More of Your Time, then Register for this Upcoming Training.

Chris Williams knows the pain an Agency Owner and Consultant goes through as he has built a highly successful Agency of his own. Chris spent many late nights away from his family, sacrificed weekends, trips, and realized his clients still wanted more from him. After realizing that the “1-on-1 Client Model” is ultimately a high-paying job that diminishes in value over time, he started looking for new ways to make impact with his clients. After starting his mastermind, Chris realized it was a stress free way to make impact, grow his income but more importantly get his time back! Today, Chris Williams has a community of over 1,000 Coaches, Consultant, and Agency Owners who he’s mentored to show them how to get their time back and experience more freedom. Want to learn more how Chris Can Help You? If you haven’t attended any of his latest training, make sure to register now to catch the next one.