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Discover How to Take Back Your Time as a 1-on-1 Coach, Consultant or Agency Owner So You Can Stop Trading Time for Money by Creating Your Own High-Ticket Mastermind

Warning: This time-sensitive training can help you escape the 1-on-1 Client trap that takes more of your time and prevents you from scaling.

In the 8-Week Mastermind Launch You Will Discover:

Marketing & Sales: By joining the 8-Week Mastermind Launch program, we will walk you through how to build and delegate to your team, attract your audience, and craft your Mastermind funnel so that you are ready to start selling (and getting paid) by week 3.

Content Creation & Delivery: Not only do we help you sell your mastermind, we will also show you how to deliver your dream Mastermind in a way that

s polished, professional, and seamless in it's set-up so that you can focus on your zone of genius instead of dreaded tech or team issues. 

Upselling & Reselling: Finally, together we will take the incredible Mastermind you've created and build a Mastermind Ascension plan to further monetize the data, testimonials, and content that you've already gathered so that you make as much revenue as possible from every hour spent building and delivering your Mastermind.  

You know the steps from our free training. Now let's actually execute on it so you can quit the 1-on-1 client trap. 

Hi, I'm Chris Williams

And I'm here to show you how to create and launch a high-ticket mastermind. 

I teach digital agency owners and coaches to launch and lead their own high-ticket mastermind quickly and efficiently.

I've taken the process I follow to create high-ticket masterminds for my consulting agency and distilled it down into 8 strategic steps to follow. 

And it all starts with creating and launching a high-ticket mastermind.