8 Week Mastermind Launch

  • Solid Foundations
  • Market Attraction
  • Offer Creation
  • Selling
  • Content Delivery
  • Going Live
  • Upselling and Ascension
  • Monetize your recordings

Total Value: $20,000


$1,497 PAY-IN-FULL



“Bam! My first one call close for 10 grand! with payment done on the call. Thank you @Chris Williams for the beautiful lessons. I love our group and this mastermind!!!! Ya know when you make a decision and you look back (only a few weeks later) and you think ‘Wow! That was the greatest decision ever.’ Yup that's my win!”

Pip S.

“Chris is SUPER systems oriented, which is fantastic, and it’s zero fluff, which I appreciate. So many other courses and programs I’ve taken have a lot of filler content, this has zilch.”

Eman Z.

“I love the simplistic style of the trainings. It never seems like we are taking on a mountain of things to understand every week.”

Chris C.

“You make it really simple to implement things. You really break things down.”

Carla B.

“Chris Williams is a very knowledgeable, insightful person about what it takes to build a digital marketing agency. If you are looking for someone to share some great information with you on how to grow your business, Chris is your guy!”

Tabitha T.

“I’ve been involved in mastermind groups before...utter failure. Spent 10’s of 1000’s of dollars and felt like I got a kick in the teeth for ROI. This one couldn’t be more opposite. Chris sticks with you and helps till it sinks in and makes it doable. I could go on and on. LOL”

Lorri K.

“I have so many wins this week: we've launched our first mastermind, we're about to launch our second mastermind, met my monthly and weekly sales goals...it's been amazing. It's been wild. AND, it's all because I'm doing the work and getting results! I wonder who teaches that? Hmmm...anywho! To the person who teaches that, from myself and my business partner, thank you so much for everything! We are so happy and just so thankful for everything you have taught me and that you have helped us with!”

Carol K.

“And win!!!! Just below my monthly goal out of the water!”

Lori A.

“Making more $ as a coach in one week than I do in one month as a dual board certified physician sub specialist. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Corinna M.

“Chris Williams - what he's telling us is working! I love knowing if I need help or just want to ask people something, I can just come here.”

Wes S.

"Five years ago, I found myself putting in more hours, managing more people, in more meetings, being really busy, doing a lot of activities.

I've been able to figure out a way to work only 30 minutes a day while still having a company that scales without me.

I've been able to create a program that shows you how to scale your creative agency while working less hours..."


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